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Making That Career Switch

What you need to know.

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Are you tired of work, and does dread creep up on you as you near the office? Maybe you love your job but are not feeling fulfilled and you want something more. And maybe it’s time to call it quits and step into a different industry. If you are contemplating a career 180, you should have a long and hard think if this is the route you want to pursue.

Think About Your Likes And Dislikes

As a first step in considering a career change, assess what your likes and dislikes are before diving in head first. What is your passion? What do you enjoy doing the most at work? What about during your spare time and at home? The key is to spend some time rediscovering yourself.

Research New Fields Of Work And Identify Skills That Are Transferable

Insight into new fields that centre around your rediscovery. It may seem daunting and insecurities might surface, but this is a natural part of a career change. Figure out what skills you currently own that are transferable into your chosen career (leadership, communications or planning). You might be pleasantly surprised that you already have enough experience to push you along.


Ultimately, your network will be key in helping introduce you to important individuals, score job leads, interviews or they’ll be helpful with the advice they impart. Consider friends, school/university alumni, former colleagues and family as a part of a network you can reach out to.

Part-Time Or Volunteer Work To Gain Experience

Apply for part-time work or even volunteer in your chosen industry to gain an understanding and to strengthen your decision to switch careers.

Find A Mentor

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can seek advice from someone in the field you’ve picked. You may also have the opportunity to utilize your mentor’s network in helping you score a new job.

Prepare For Setbacks

Be flexible and know that it won’t be easy, but if you’ve laid the proper foundation, you will get through the rough patches. Having a solid support system (friends, partner or family) will be helpful.

Switching careers can seem daunting, but start taking small steps everyday towards your vision and before you know it, you would have arrived.

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