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This Is The Greatest Liquid Lipstick Hack We’ve Learnt All Year

It’s a game-changer.

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DIY beauty hacks can be hit or miss, but this latest lipstick trick that’s sweeping the internet is one to take note of.

It comes courtesy of beauty blogger Zohra, who recently shared a video of her DIY liquid lipstick on Instagram. It has received over 1,7 million views, so it’s safe to say the internet is already obsessed with Zohra’s super simple method.

In her tutorial, Zohra cuts a bullet of lipstick out of its tube before condensing it down and blending it with a face primer. Once mixed, she transfers the new product into a syringe and squeezes it into a tube to create a velvety lip colour that can easily be applied. Clever!

As Zohra explains in her post, this is a great tip for anyone who has a few spare lipsticks lying around.

‘I’m so excited about this DIY, I have sooo many lipsticks that I don’t use and now I can put them to use!’ she wrote in the caption. ‘I mixed it with a liquid face primer from Sephora. The syringe and empty tube I used was from eBay!’

It’s a genius idea, but as with many DIY beauty hacks, there is a safety precaution to be aware of.

‘You need to be very careful for [DIY] lip products as the product applied can be ingested,’ cosmetic expert Ginger King told Allure. If you’d rather avoid any risk, stick with safer options, like the glitter nail polish hack.

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