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You Should Stay Healthy And Fit During The Holidays. All The Reasons Why.

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The holidays are upon us and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with old friends and family who have been neglected throughout the year. It’s a time of love, gift giving and lots of food and drink (I’ll have another shot of whiskey, please!). With the back-to-back family dinners, office parties, and happy hours with friends, it’s easy to let your health and fitness slide. If you want to stay on point with your workout goals (and still fit into that sparkly number for NYE), then keep reading.

The Right Mindset

When it comes to physical activity and healthy eating during the hectic festive season, it’s best to first acknowledge that there will be lapses and that’s ok. But it is important to be mindful and not let the breaks grow into one large hiatus.

Workout With A Buddy

It’s easy to skip exercise and tell yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” but the reality is, not staying active will eventually take its toll. A good remedy is to grab a friend who is also struggling staying on point and workout together. Having someone else with you, makes you accountable and you’re more likely to get out of bed and hit the gym (or Independence Square) knowing your friend will be waiting for you. Now both you and your BFF can look fab in that LBD.

Keep Moving

The end-of-year fun and frenzy is sure to have you with a bit of backlog at work. And as tempting as it is to stay chained to your desk for a few hours and work through the madness, it’s necessary to get up occasionally and stay mobile. Prolonged sitting is hazardous to your health. So stand up every 20 minutes and take a lap around the office, or stretch, or do a few simple exercises like squats (if you have your own office and won’t get weird looks from your coworkers!) Need a reminder? Then set the timer on your phone to beep so you know you will get up.

Hydrate And Snack Clean

Amidst the seasonal rush, we often forget to hydrate. Carrying a bottle of water in your tote, will ensure you don’t burn out and keep you hydrated (and ready to take on after work drinks!) Keep your tummy happy, and beat the urge to binge later on during the day, by tucking away a few healthy snacks in your purse. It could be something as fuss-free as a bag of nuts and/or raisins.


Many of us might overlook getting a good night’s rest with all the merriment. But missing your 7-8 hours of zzz’s has the potential to be hard on your health. You’ll suffer burnout quicker, be moody, irritable and stressed out.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

To make sure you are mentally and physically happy this time of year, write notes and map out each week. Make to-do lists for Christmas shopping, slot in your days for cardio and weight training, and schedule your dinners and parties. You can use the Notes and Calendar features on your phone or write them down in your planner. Whatever works!

Treat Yourself…For A Night

Of course we want you to have fun and indulge in all the wine and turkey. So don’t deprive yourself from enjoying the holidays, but don’t go overboard. Everything in moderation (Disclaimer: we mean one or two glasses of wine, not a whole bottle!).  Avoid keeping the leftovers and ‘treats’ from celebrations at home as this is a surefire way to overindulge.

Yes, the coming days will be chaotic and you must have that piece of Christmas cake, but remember there is more than one way to be active and healthy.

Happy Holidays!

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