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What’s A Habit You Wish You Could Break? Lankans Spill All!

#5 is TRUTH

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Habits are a big part of our lives and can be pretty hard to break. But identifying a habit is the first step toward overcoming it. So we asked a few people to think about a bad habit they would love to live without:

“Checking my weight constantly. I can’t ignore a weighing scale—I have to check my weight each and every time I see one. It’s really annoying, but I do it anyway.” —Karen


“I have a habit of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. It’s supposed to be really bad for the health but I just can’t stop doing it.” —Lehana


“Hoarding! I hate throwing stuff out because you never know when things might come in handy right?” —Michelle


“Constantly needing to check the news. I’m always trying to see what the hell is happening with Trump, Brexit and other world crises, and I can’t ever tune it out! —Mahendra


“I’d say swearing at other drivers on the road, because they’re all crazy and I’m not ;-)…It’s not easy driving in Colombo these days.” —Shayan


“I would like to stop over- analyzing and fretting over minor things…I know that this is a futile practice and I’m just stressing myself out for no reason, but I continue to do it.” —Rukshika


“I have this bad habit of resorting to self-deprecation… especially when I am standing in front of a mirror. I keep criticizing my body and I wish I could stop doing that to myself.”—Natasha


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