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Life Skills Worth Learning This Holiday Season

You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy...

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Learning how to sew can be quite useful when a button comes loose or your skirt faces a tear. Instead of hunting around town for a tailor (who will probably charge you a pretty penny and may not get the job done in time for that function), why not learn how to fix your outfits on your own? It’s quicker and so  much cheaper. Plus, who knows? You might love it to the point where you’d like to start designing your own clothes!

Places to try

Singer Fashion Academy

AMTD – Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology

Sri Lanka Institute of Textile and Apparel


Most of us live with the fear of drowning when we step into water. So, mastering the art of swimming is important for everyone who likes to enjoy themselves on their Sunday dip. Not only is swimming a great lifesaving skill (you may someday be able to save your own life, to say nothing of another’s, with your prowess), it is also a great exercise for your whole body, toning and strengthening without weakening your joints and ligaments.

Places to try

Bolling Swimming Academy

Colombo Swimming Club

Aqua Life


Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves. Whether you are out on the road at midnight, or driving around an isolated village, or just relaxing at home, you can never be too sure when you will face some kind of danger and that’s when self-defense comes into play. Also, you sweat buckets and it gives you a killer workout.

Places to try

Japan Karate Association – Sri Lanka

Kyokushin Sri Lanka

Wado Kai Sri Lanka


If you’re all alone and there’s no one to cook for you or if you’re living by yourself, knowing how to cook can make you even more independent (no more relying on dodgy delivery services or leftovers from mum). At the very least, it’s bound to relax you once you’ve got the hang of it. After all, good food cures all.

Places to try

Yvonne’s Kitchen

Swiss Lanka Hotel School

Menaka Culinary Art Academy

First Aid

Knowing the basics of emergency medical treatments will always be valuable, like performing CPR on a person who’s not breathing or helping a person suffering a heart attack. First aid skills will help you deal with the situation in the correct manner and possibly save a life. It’s a good feeling to be someone’s hero and save the day, right?  

Places to try

Sri Lanka Red Cross Society

SMI Training Institute

St. John Ambulance in Sri Lanka

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