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Are You A Doodler? Find Out What Secrets Your Drawings Hold!

Doodle the day.

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Many of us scribble little pictures when we’re bored or lazy. What people may not know is that these scrawls often reflect something deep inside us. So we did some research on a few common doodles and their symbolisms just for you doodlers out there!


The expression on the doodled face often depicts the mood or character of the person who is drawing. Good-looking faces suggest optimism and good social skills, ugly faces tell the exact opposite (like the lack of self-confidence, skepticism, bad temper and aggressiveness), and comic or caricature-style faces show a solid sense of humour.


In general, drawing florals shows that the artist is sensitive and kind. For some, it may suggest a need to release emotions, if you’re not the type to express their feelings openly. Cheerful-looking flowers indicate a sunny and happy personality, while prickly varieties or those with pointy petals show pain, betrayal or simply a soft personality hiding behind a tough exterior. Lovers of gardens and nature also tend to doodle flowers.

Intricate patterns

Doodles with lots of details are usually drawn by people who are obsessive about their ambitions and  fret about the tiniest things in life. It’s a favourite among extreme introverts and can also mean that the artist is feeling stressed and conflicted.


Usually, ambitious and positive people who like to be the centre of attention tend to doodle stars. Drawing many stars may show optimism while one big, bold star could mean you have a specific goal in mind. Neatly drawn ones suggest good mental focus and asymmetric stars show an energetic personality.


Drawing furry friends shows a love for living things and the type of animal that is doodled tells a lot about the artist’s personality. Smaller animals indicate a lack of self-confidence and reflect introverted tendencies, while larger animals show that the doodler is definitely looking for fun all the time. Drawing the same animal over time means you are comparing yourself to that particular creature and may want to imitate some of its characteristics like bravery  or stealth.


Sketching these windows to your soul is often indicative of paranoia and mistrust. Additionally, if big eyes are drawn, the doodler has an outgoing personality while smaller ones show the artist is reserved. Closed eyes can indicate refusal to look at oneself.


Drawing a house may indicate you’re missing home or wanting to settle down, either with a family or independently. It also shows a need for security in life. A neat house suggests contented domesticity, while a messy picture shows unhappiness. A house on its own means you are feeling lonely and isolated, and having no windows in the home could be a sign of being trapped.


Experimenting with a Ferrari, could mean a desire to travel or the need to gain freedom from something that’s weighing you down. The speedier the vehicle, the faster you’d like to make a point or get away from your troubles.

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