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Single & NOT Ready To Mingle: Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Flying Solo

All da single ladies

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“Are you single?”

Your answer to this question can lead to two very different outcomes. Either you say “no,” and are showered with a heap of congratulations on your couple status. Or you say “yes,” and prepare to face the armageddon. The comments begin: Why are you single? Are you not looking for anyone? Are you a lesbian? Are you telling the truth?

The fact that singledom is received with such vitriol is astounding. Yes, we are single and no, we are not on the hunt for our soulmates. If we are perfectly happy with the way things are, why is our single status still a hot topic for debate?

We fully agree that it is nice to have a Significant Other with whom we can share intimate things, and yes, we agree that there is someone special out there for each of us.

But, shockingly, we are not focusing all our energies on finding that person right now. So no, we don’t expect roses and chocolates every Valentine’s Day or a hand to hold while watching a movie. Our Pinterest boards (if we have any) are not of wedding gowns and floral décor. We don’t dream of the pitter patter of little feet in our homes. Our guy friends are not treated as potential suitors because we love hanging out with them way too much.

Instead we take care of our neglected pets (time to play Fetch!), tackle those long-forgotten chores (spring cleaning, anyone?), travel to places we’ve never been, try out new activities like scuba diving or ballroom dancing, and find happiness in being alone. Having this skill, prepares us for the unexpected moments – like that horrible break up – that pop up at the worst times.

Being single doesn’t mean we’re always lonely and depressed, crying into pillows every night or clinging onto exes or pals for emotional support. We are using this time to explore the unknown, discover new things about ourselves and the rest of the world, and maybe achieve a few goals that were left behind somewhere in our early teens. We’d like to stand on our own two feet for a while, because we think it’s important! Also, it’s great to not be stressed about getting approval for the outfit of the day or worry about explaining why you couldn’t make it to the date. And we think that some things are better enjoyed alone, like making our first batch of edible cupcakes or fixing the washing machine without asking for help.  

So allow us to make the most of our single status because it’s something we actually desire. Yes, you lovey-dovey couples may have it all figured out, but we singles may just have a few secret tips to share.

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