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Guilty Pleasures That Are Actually Good For You. No Jokes Here.


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Everyone’s got their own list of guilty pleasures that they keep hidden, indulging only secretly. While some of them may be too gross to voice out loud, we came up with a list of guilty pleasures that could actually be good for you.  


Curling up on a cold day with a warm blanket, steaming Milo and a good read is one of the best things in life. Reading is a great way to improve your: a) vocabulary (new ways to lecture your sister); b) writing skills for your next big story; c) ideas for an upcoming client presentation.     


Chocolate comforts you like no other and you don’t need a reason to eat it.  Many studies show that chocolate in moderate quantities helps with period cramps, is good for your heart and can protect your skin against the sun. So enjoy a bar of chocolate today, but don’t overdo it!

Dancing in front of the mirror

It’s an intense full-body workout and the chance to master your moves for the next party—that’s two birds killed with one stone! #efficiency

Cat videos

It’s universally acknowledged that watching cat videos can act as a stress-buster and let you focus on your work afterwards. After all, who can resist that cute kitten begging for hugs or the cat who loves surfing? 

Online shopping

We’ve got to admit that online stores give you so much more variety in terms of choice, price and selection. Besides, you won’t say ‘No’ to free shipping on that cute little crop top on sale, would you?

Last but not least…

Reading in class

With so many tools to empower yourself as a healthy, brave and stylish person, it’s super hard to stay away…even during that History lecture. Kissing tips vs. kings? It’s not even a choice!

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