Wearing Glasses Doesn’t Have To Be A Borefest; They Can Be Really Fun! - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Wearing Glasses Doesn’t Have To Be A Borefest; They Can Be Really Fun!

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~Aim for the right frame~

Go for a style that will suit the shape of your face. Take a friend with you for a second opinion and to help you select one that fits just right. Keep in mind how often you will be using your glasses and for what purposes. In the case of sports, a sturdier frame will serve you better (and not snap at the slightest contact) but for normal use, a lightweight one will get you through the day. Don’t be afraid to try out different colours and shapes until you are satisfied with the one that best emphasizes your look and personality. Don’t forget to have a spare pair for those unexpected moments when your glasses break and you can’t see a thing without them.

~Hair matters~

Switching up your hairstyle can make your glasses look different. Buns, half-ups, braids and bangs are great styles to experiment with. A loose bun with soft strands on either side on your face will make you look all-round chic, while bangs draw instant attention to your eyes. Stylish headscarves or hair ties are also great accessories to have. Make sure your hair does not cover your face or glasses because oil and hair product residue may collect on your frame and affect your vision.  

Play up your make-up

Wearing glasses shouldn’t stop you from using make-up! You still need to pay equal attention to the following: Highlight your eyebrows by shaping them up on a regular basis (tweezing, threading, pencils, whatever works!);  play with bright eyeliners; and dare to try out bold, vibrant lip glosses. You can either opt for subtle tones by matching your make-up to the colour of your glasses, or be adventurous and do the exact opposite. Keep the foundation minimal for a natural, no-fuss look.

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