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Use This Easy-As-Pie Body Scrub To Glow Without Breaking Your Bank

A little TLC for your skin

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As party season starts kicking in, you’re probably going to be at the top of your glam game…not that you need a particular season to glam up but, it never hurts to up the ante, you know!

Before you start fretting over outfits or what lip colour to wear, let us give you a kick-start to your prep session with this DIY body scrub which will help you get your skin on point. Whip this up while you’re waiting for that mince pie to bake and you’ll feel like a whole new woman inside and out.

This is a great exfoliant and the caffeine is popular for helping reduce cellulite. Add coconut oil to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a great antioxidant and a moisturiser.

What you need:

1c. coffee powder

1c. sugar or salt

½T. cinnamon powder (optional)

1T. vanilla extract (optional)

Mix it all up and put it in an airtight jar.

Plus point: It smells AMAY-ZING and makes a cute little home-made Christmas gift! *Double YAY*


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