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Awaiting Your Local A/L Results? We Help You Plan Your Next Steps!

It’s the big G. C. E.!

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As the A/L results creep around the corner, many of you may be eagerly (or not) awaiting the fruit of your efforts. Two years of studying, extra classes (for some) and long hours of poring over notes and past papers all come down to this big hurdle in your life. Despite what the results may hold for you, it’s wise to start planning your future in advance, and Cosmo’s got you covered.

If you want to start earning your keep early, many organisations are open to taking on interns or trainees for various departments ranging from Marketing to IT. You’ll have spending money every month and a taste of independence that’ll equip you to face the trials and tribulations of adult life. You would also be exposed to a wider scope of society and get the chance to meet and deal with interesting (and not so interesting) personalities. Work smart and you’ll be stepping up to a great position in no time.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to tackle a job right away; many higher education opportunities are available to you! You can either wait for your results to apply to a state university, or get a head start and apply for a foundation program at one of the many private institutes, which admit students on pending grades (though they require passing marks for you to continue your education) and often have diverse courses ranging from psychology to fashion design, legitimized by international institutions.

Aiming for an international scholarship? It wouldn’t hurt to visit educational fairs. You’ll be able to get a clearer idea of the application process, requirements, the challenges of living in another country and the benefits. Even if you don’t make it in one shot, some universities give you a chance to complete their degrees abroad for the final year or two once started locally.

Of course, if you are the super ambitious type, you can study while you work (which is the popular path for Sri Lankan millennials). Weekdays are generally dedicated to work and the weekends for studying, projects and exams—all in one go. The sacrifices you have to make will be many, but the achievement of having a job and a degree is super satisfying and well worth it.

So don’t be afraid if you haven’t figured what to do with your life yet! It’s never too late to start and with these pointers, hopefully you’ll have at least a slight glimpse of what you’d like to work toward as you approach your exciting twenties!

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