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All The Benefits Of Skinny Jeans That Are Going To Make You Order A Pair Right Now

Be warned!

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You Can Wear Them Even When They Are Stretched Out

Skinny jeans look great at the point of purchase — so great, that you could practically walk out of the shop wearing them. But, unlike your pair of boyfriend jeans that are now so stretched out they look like they belonged to a 90s’ rapper to wear below his crotch, your skinny jeans still retain shape even after they’ve seen better days, and end up looking like just another pair of straight-cut jeans. When you buy a pair of skinnies, you’re basically getting a two-for-one and who doesn’t love a good deal!

They Are SO Comfy

Wide legged jeans usually require a few months of regular wear before you’re comfortable prancing from the couch to your car and back again without feeling like your knees are being chafed. Because skinny jeans fit so snugly, they provide a comfortable casing rather than act as a fortress, and hence you don’t need to break them in as you would a regular pair.

They Highlight Your Curves

Purchase a well-fitting pair of skinnies and say hai to your hourglass figure. Your highlighted hips and bum add definition to the lower part of your body, and skim the surface of your toned calves — an homage to your intense leg days. Who wouldn’t want to show off the body they’ve worked so hard for?

Now that doesn’t mean you need to pair it with a crop top. Having more sculpture on the lower part of your body means you can go opt for tunics or breezy blouses on top, without looking like you’re drowning in swaths of fabric.

They Give The Impression Of Added Height

Because of their stellar, complimentary fit, skinny jeans make your legs appear leaner and longer — especially if you pair them with a pair of pumps and stillies. This is your supermodel-strutting-down-the-runway moment, ladies!

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