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The (Re)–Purpose Movement Is Here! You Really Should Join NOW

Nope. NOT Justin Bieber! This is beauty talk

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We’ve all been there: our trusty, beloved products meet with accidents and leave us in the depths of despair. But all isn’t lost. Here are a few ways to repurpose and salvage these buddies and save a buck or two, because sometimes make-up in SL can be hella expensive.

First of all, find out which products are safe for re-use and which should have actually been chucked a while ago, thus making this breakage a sign that you need to say “bye bye.”

3 – 6 months: Liquid eyeliner, mascara

1 – 1.5 years: Nail colour, oil-free foundation, cream blush, cream eyeshadow, concealer, cream foundation, compact foundation

1.5 – 2 years: Lip gloss, powder, blush, bronzer, powder eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, lipstick, lip liner

Now why shouldn’t you use these products past the general expiry period despite the product not showing a specific “best before” date? Because hear this: Most cosmetics and their containers have within them warm, damp and dark places where bacteria love to grow. If you choose to use these expired products, you may suffer from infections, breakouts and cold sores…Not so attractive!

Now, say you’ve broken a trusted gem that you really, truly can still use. Here’s what you do:

Bronzer/highlighter/shimmer powder: Mix with some moisturizer, rub on and get a dazzling glow perfect for girls’ night.           

Mascara: It’s simply not wise to use old mascara again (because ew, germs!), but you can re-use the applicator!  Clean the wand and use it as an eyebrow brush or to separate your mascara-clumped lashes. Genius!

Eyeshadow: Mix with clear nail polish and jump on that metallic trend right away. Plus, you’ll have a shade no one else does — so unique!

Eyeliner pencil: Hold a flame lightly to the broken tip and voila, you’ve got yourself gel liner. (Don’t worry, the heat from the flame kills the germs.) Go ahead an indulge in a great smokey eye.

Pressed powder: Mix some of that broken up powder (sob) with facial cream to make your own tinted moisturizer that goes perfectly with your skin tone!


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