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Stop Breaking A Sweat In Your Make-Up!!

Swear by dry

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Living in this tropical land of eternal summer, make-up running down our faces is one of our biggest problems as we get a spot of Sunday shopping done or embark on the occasional mid-day coffee run. Here are some tips and tricks to keep make-up in place, and keep the streaks away! 

Primer. Primer. Primer

Say yo to your new best friend. This is what seals your pores (hence helping the no-sweat situation), smoothens out fine lines and holds your make-up together like a coffee does your Monday morning.

P.S. Don’t forget to prime your eyes too!

Choose lightweight products

Reach for those that have very light textures. The thicker the product, the more you sweat. So opt for less heavy products like tinted moisturizer to kill two birds with one stone and play the no-sweat game like this season’s MVP.

Go waterproof

Water, smudge, budge-proof make-up is a definite must-have. Unless you want  mascara and liner running all over your face (Halloween is over, guys), this is the way to go.

Use powder to set your make-up

A translucent powder is our top choice as it doesn’t change your natural skin tone (NO ONE wants to be THAT girl!)  This is also great for greasy skin as it absorbs the oil and keeps your make-up from streaking.

Use a setting spray

This is something all make-up geeks swear by. Just a spritz and you’re set for the day (all puns intended). We hear Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray is a miracle worker, but try a whole bunch before you set on one.

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