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Here’s Why Cappuccinos Should Always Be Had In The Morning And Never After Meals

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Contrary to popular culture, the creamy, frothy confection that is your daily cappuccino should only be consumed first thing in the morning, and not as your after-meal java pick-me-up.

Cappuccinos are almost always more foam and milk than they are coffee beans, which means they have tons more calories than your regular cup of joe. Drinking your cappuccino first thing in the morning guarantees that you have the rest of the day to work off those layers rather than have them resting on your hips as you clamber into bed (as they would, if you drank one post-steak, for example).

But say you’re a lucky duckling and don’t have to worry about the calories. Or you’re substituting your extra chocolate fudge brownie for it. Why, then, should you still consume your cappuccino in the morning?

Science — and Italian lore — proves that a cup of foamy milk hitting a full stomach is a surefire way to indigestion, mainly because of the sugar lactose found in the milk, and can lead to an increase in gas and bloating. Not a great idea to end your date with a couple of toots, you know?

That doesn’t mean you have to do without your post-lunch or dinner coffee completely. Instead, stick to coffee’s leaner counterparts: single/double espressos or regular French-press coffee. It’ll give you the boost you need while skipping the calories and indigestion — a win-win overall!

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