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Take A Look At Some Great Insta-Worthy Cafes In Colombo

Capture the coffee!

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Cosmo SL rounds up (in no particular order) all the easy-on-the-eyes cafes in town simply because we know that your feeds deserve nothing but the BEST!

Black Cat

One of the most chill cafes, Black Cat emanates some serious vintage vibes! A killer addition to the local hangout scene, they a serve a mean coffee with some delicious salads and sandwiches.

The bonus? Living up to its name, they’ve got some adorable cats on the property, and with some luck you just might be able to hashtag “catstagram!”

 The Barnesbury

 This is a hotspot that favours British antiques and is a haven for us serious Instagrammers because it offers photo ops for all themes (Hefe, anyone?!) with its furnishings, finger foods, and fierce flavours.


Coffee ? #barnesbury #srilanka

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#calm #chill #srilanka

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Café Mocha (by Barista)

Tucked quietly on Stratford Avenue in Kirulapone, this is an absolute treasure with THE most comfortable sofas you will ever sink into (and never get up from). Also: Beanbags! So cozy up and click away…preferably with their divine cookies and cream shake. It’s to DIE for!

Java Lounge

Known for its trustworthy cuppa joe, the lounge is also a treasure chest of photos waiting to happen, including ones with the garage and the projector! If not for your Instagram, this is also an ideal spot for a coffee and a cuddle with your boo. #priorities

Butter Boutique

This is another tiny café tucked within a maze of roads just waiting for us Instagrammers to find! The floral backdrop and cute little tables; the beautiful and delicious cakes; and the pretty outdoor seating area will make your feed total eye-candy! Every shot you take here is double-tap worthy.


Iced Choc

A photo posted by Butter Boutique (@butter_boutique) on

Dottie’s English Tea Room

Here’s a spot perfect for channelling your inner Dowager Countess of Grantham. True to its name, this place replicates a divine English living room straight from your fave period dramas. Filled with chandeliers, cake tiers and beautiful, delicate china, it’s as pretty as a picture. So point your pinkie, straighten your back and snap like a Countess!

Café Kumbuk

“Hipstergram” is the perfect caption for a snap at Kumbuk. High ceilings and strategically placed greens with delightful natural lighting means it’s a great location to whip out your phone and get clicking. Do it with a slice of key lime pie for best results!


#repost @thadhoo_ happy little space ✨#cafe #cafekumbuk #interior design #locallysourced #srilanka

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