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Surprising Areas Of Your Body That You SHOULD Spray Perfume!!

Do ittttt

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The standard perfume spritzes on the neck and wrists are definitely must-hit spots. But there are a couple others you should know about to keep you exuding that air of freshness (all puns intended)!

Insides of elbows

The veins right near the surface of the skin at the crook of your arm means this area is particularly warm and radiating heat, which helps the base scents in perfume (the ones at its core, that only come up a little after spraying) pull through very quickly; a tiny spritz can go a long way and last you throughout the day! Now wrap your arms around boo and watch him take it all in.


A pair of strappy stilettos can make you feel like a whole new woman, but so can a sneaky spritz on your ankles. Like your elbows, it’s a high-heat zone so the notes of your perfume will develop in super quick time. Apply on date night and lose the worry of your feet getting kinda stinky. Plus, you just took your footsie game to a whole new level.

Tips of ears

That’s right. Turn pixie and give the tips a gentle spray — much more accessible than behind your ears which, let’s be honest, only your boy toy will notice midway through your hookup, if that.

With your tips, anyone who hugs you hello will get a luxurious whiff. Plus, when your guy does lean in to whisper sweet nothings, chances are that musky scent will put him totally in the mood!


We don’t mean douse your hair in perfume because that’s just gross: you’ll dry out your strands and ruin your blow-dry in no time! Instead, spritz the air a step in front of, and above, you and then walk through so that the perfume settles on your strands and get locked in. Alternatively, spritz on a comb and run through your hair. Now, not only is your hair da bomb, it also smells like your fave perfume.

Win, ka-ching!

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