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~You Should Consider The Following Factors When Buying A Watch~

It’s not all just “diamonds on your timepiece."

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So you suddenly realise that your phone may not be the best timekeeper in town, because when it dies you basically have no idea how many more excruciating minutes it would take for the meeting to conclude or how late you are for your waxing appointment. Plus for those of us with eyesight issues, reading the time on your wrist is infinitely more preferable than squinting at the clock on the wall half a mile away.

But picking up the first watch you see is also not the best option. Think about the following as you choose the timepiece of your dreams.

The Strap

Is it for everyday? If so, a hardy metal strap will last you through those rainstorms, heat waves, and coffee spills. Leather is lovely and classy, but if you’re even the teensiest bit klutzy, the leather will give way in the blink of an eye (not literally).

Also if you’re a gym bunny, leather is definitely not the answer. In this case, a hardy fabric like nylon is is your best bet: it doesn’t irritate the skin, is pretty resistant to sweat, and is still fashionable AF.

Think about if you’re going to share the watch with your mum or sister. If you have different sized wrists, then leather or nylon is the most convenient because all you have to do is create extra holes in the strap. With metal, you have to keep adding and removing loops, which means you have to take it to the watch store. Definitely not convenient on a daily basis.

The Face

Are you looking for trendy or classic? At this point in time, larger-than-life faces are dominating watch campaigns — the style is androgynous, extremely convenient (like, “Hello, time!”), and is a statement piece all on its own. So if being trendy is your aim, go for it.

But just as trends wash ashore, they can also be buried in the debris of time. So if you intend to wear the watch till the birth of your second child (AKA a lifetime), then you might want to think more on personal taste. Small-faced watches are delicate, can double up as bracelets if you pick a dainty enough version, and can make the most timeless purchase. Like the red lip, it was fashionable 50 years ago, and there’s a high likelihood it’ll be fashionable 50 years hence.

The Jewels

So you want some bling on your wrist. There’s subtle bling and then there’s bling bling. If your day-to-day consists of being chauffeured in your Maserati, Birkin in hand, then sparkle as much as you like! But if it also consists of weekly shopping at Colpetty market and roaming the streets of Pettah for fittings, you may want something a little less self-conscious.

Purchasing a piece with jewels means you’re likely spending big bucks. So make absolutely sure it’s the one you want. Like the best partners, you may have to wait a bit for that watch of your dreams to make an appearance. But when it does, man, it’ll feel right on time!

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