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Not All Fats Are Bad For Your Body. These Are The Surprising GOOD Fats You Should Be Including In Your Diet

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Getting on the healthy-lifestyle train doesn’t mean cutting out every product with the word “fat” in it. On the contrary, some fatty foods are essential for your new and improved constitution.

Raw butter: Stop switching to margarine automatically. It actually has more trans fats than pure butter, which can cause you to pack on the pounds and increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Raw butter is rich in saturated fats, which controls cholesterol, and conjugated linoleic acid, which affects metabolism, and is necessary for a wholesome diet, when taken in the right quantities.

Whole eggs: Egg yolks are a fabulous source of Vitamins A and B, and choline (a nutrient we very rarely consume), which contribute to good skin and adequate body energy, especially when pregnant. And while it is true that yolks are high in cholesterol, ingesting them at a moderate rate does not affect your cholesterol levels — this is the good kind of push your body needs. So be inclusive and mix the yellows and whites always.

Butter ghee: Most people hear the word “ghee” and run a mile. Not wise! It’s as nutritionally rich as coconut oil — a product that’s moving like hot cakes right now — full of Vitamin A and K, and linoleic acid. Plus it does not affect people who are lactose intolerant. Be ahead of the trend and pick up a bottle the next time you go grocery shopping

Walnuts: A package deal of omega 3 fats, copper, manganese and biotin, walnuts help, not hinder. Like almonds, walnuts are also thought to improve mental health. So go nuts and sprinkle on your salad or crumble and use as topping on yoghurt. There’s no danger in this zone.

Sardines: Nothing fishy here! Sardines are like the goldmine of fish, and cheap at that. Rich in proteins as well as essential vitamins and minerals, this fish protects bone health and blood sugar levels. It’s also the best snack, curbing a raging appetite and keeping that binge eating in check.

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