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The Rise Of The Beauty Acids: Retinoic Acid

Wonder worker #4

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Welcome to The Rise of the Beauty Acids series! All set with salicylic, glycolic and hyaluronic? Here’s another!

The all-rounder: RETINOIC ACID

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A that transforms into retinoic acid after it enters your cells. This acid is the all-rounder to beat all all-rounders. It holds a solution for almost every skincare dilemma— acne, uneven surface texture, and even signs of ageing. While retinoic acid itself is a substance that requires a prescription, there’s a vast range of products that use Retinol, which is equally effective— although it takes a longer time for the effects to be seen.

GREAT FOR basically any skincare issue! Retinol is definitely an ingredient that should be a constant on your vanity! It can cause a little irritation and peeling, so don’t start off with a high percentage, and always always only apply at night to avoid skin flakes dropping off during your daytime jaunts!

*Up next: the pigmentation buster, mandelic acid

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