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Does The Zip On Your Jeans Keep Falling?

This hack will save you

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Ever whispered, “Stay up, stay up!!” to your zipper as you let go of it for a microsecond to shake a hand, immediately moving it back down to rest on your hips so that you can casually CLUTCH that zipper with your pinky for dear life, because you’re terrified it’s going to get a little loose/get a little wild and everyone will see your floral underwear beneath?

Yes, we know that was a mouthful. But it’s even worse to go through.

All is well, though, because this tiny little hack will save the day!

Step 1: Harness a pin through the hole of your zipper, and close up like normal.

Step 2: Loop the pointy end through your button hole and pin it shut.

Step 3: Now, button up your jeans.

Your zip will stay sky high, bolstered by the button-and-pin combo!

Final Note:

When picking your pin, stay clear of the tiny gold kind. They bend easily and are a little weak under pressure (aren’t we all). Your best bet is sari pins — sturdy and subtle, the pin head is well and truly hidden behind the button. For true guerrilla tactics, wear a longer/tunic top that totally hides your handiwork!

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