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Make Bra Fat Disappear With These Quick And Easy Exercises

Buh-bye strap bruises

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Being swimsuit and sari ready all year round can be the biggest bane. There’s no autumn and winter layers to sneakily hide those side rolls that appear after one too many eclairs at the office, or the little waves of fat behind your shoulder blades that work their way into existence after a month of iced coffees.

But whatever — at least the perpetual summer forces us to be healthy, right! Even if you don’t have a good hour to spend getting in your daily cardio and full body workout, try these simples exercises (doable at home with minimal hassle), to keep the rolls at bay.

Now that you’ve watched, it’s time to do! Sure, with busy jobs and never-ending errands, it can be difficult to get the workout you want. But that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in these quick lifesavers before you hop into the shower. It’ll make your upper torso feel stronger almost immediately, promise. And nothing looks as good as toned arms and a strong back, cowgirl!

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