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Baila Songs That’ll ALWAYS Make You Put A Full Party

Sweet Marie, come to me

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Hailee Steinfeld and The Chainsmokers may rule the school at the beginning of an evening, but nothing beats a good baila once you’ve reached the night’s peak AKA that time when the sari is a little disheveled; when you’ve found a new appreciation for arrack (you really must buy a stock and keep on hand, it’s SO economical); and when you’d rather retire the bump and grind for some good, old-fashioned kukula action.*

Start It Smooth: Lorenzo

Nothing like a discussion on marital strife with the nona to get it cracking. So wring the hands and dance off your troubles (preferably with your other half) while all your family watches. The definition of therapy, no?

The Oldest And Gold-est Of The Lot: Surangani

Regardless of Surangani’s true relationship to fresh fish, this anthem is one for the generations. So round up the uncles on the floor, and watch them work it. It’ll put your techno hand gestures to shame.

For Sass And A Small Flirt: Kandy Lamissi

For all the sudu bonikkas in the room, this one’s for you. Freshen up that lipstick and storm the arena. Whether your James Hadley Chase is around or not, you are your own Helen Kumari. And don’t you forget it.

To Get Close: Oye Ojaye

No other song starts with birds tweeting. None. So you know what you’re in for. Also, unless you’re a real baila champion, this is perhaps the best song to slow dance.  Use this time to play your romance moves — a real subtle, patriotic hint without all the Hollywood overexposure!

Shut It Down: Pitikotapan

If it’s not breakfast time already (highly likely, in our experience), nothing like a little boogie about indiappa to get you thinking about your morning meal. Take it as a congratulations for lasting so long and a hint to leave. Pat yourself on the back for a good night out and then switch that samba for a sambola.

*Need some help with the moves? Break it down as follows:

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