These Brands Have Re-Defined What It Means To Be A Woman. The Revolution Is Here. - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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These Brands Have Re-Defined What It Means To Be A Woman. The Revolution Is Here.

She’s a lady.

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While we LOVE the era of the supermodels gone by and their tamed allure, this new ‘strong woman’ trend is actually leaving us breathless. Gone are the days where sexuality was broached but always within definite parameters; where beauty was discussed but only in the classical sense; where life was never scratched beneath the surface — the domain of buried guilt, pent up frustrations and uncertain dreams tucked away, unreachable.

What has replaced it is a movement that is so limitlessly fierce, it’s spread like wildfire among millennial women AKA us. With brands across the board crashing the rose-tinted view of what it means to live a well-primed life, women all over the world are being encouraged to live out loud; as they are, not as they “ought” to be.

Directed by Spike Jonze — Being John Malkovich, Where the Wild Things Are — Kenzo’s commercial for its Kenzo World perfume stars Margaret Qualley as a repressed Type A personality, walking out of her contrived life and into…well, watch for yourself.

On its heels, comes H&M’s new Autumn campaign highlighting women of varying ethnicities and sexual orientations, taking life by the b@!!s, interpreting what it means to be #Ladylike in 2016.

And let’s not forget this Nike commercial that basically was our anthem for the summer.

Got your living shoes out yet?!

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