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How To Feel Better (For Free) When You’re Having A Crappy Day

Aww yeah!

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Call A Friend

STOP scrolling mindlessly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Pictures of your pals on yachts in Mykonos/Pasikudah are not going to make you feel better. Instead, call someone — yes, call. No iMessage or WhatsApp texts — and start talking. Listening to a confidante reassures you almost immediately, regardless of what you’re discussing! Plus, it gives your eyes a break from the screen. Do it, do it, do it.

Play With A Pet (Or A Baby)

Cute, cuddly, and mindfully oblivious to the happenings of the world, pets and babies are surefire ways to flick that stress of your shoulder. Tickle, hug or horse around (preferably not with the baby tho), and you’ll end up feeling MUCH better than when you first walked in. There’s not much that a little furry loving can’t solve.

Don’t have a pet or baby? Look at you, fetter-free! Visit someone who does. They’ll most likely be delighted to get them off their hands for a little while.

Go To Sleep

But actually. Shutting down for the day gives your body time to rejuvenate — tired muscles be gone! — and your mind the ability to put things in perspective. You’ll wake up ready to take on the next morning’s challenges. So cuddle up good! This time’s for you…

Bonus: A long, hot shower beforehand will wash off your troubles and get you in a relaxed mood. They don’t have those steamy bath scenes for nothing!

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