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Try These “Activities” When You’re In Airport Transit

And the terminal is basically your new home.

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Having a long layover can be one of the worst things in the world, especially if it falls in the early morning hours. Literally, nothing can put you in a worse mood. And while some of your peeps are taking their wheelie bags to the nearest lounge, you’re walking aimlessly trying to find the least dodgy person next to whom you can pass out.

But transits shouldn’t prevent you from fully enjoying the beginning, or last leg, of your holiday! In fact they should be used as celebratory hurrah for the trip ahead or the crazy time you’ve just had. Here’s how:

1. Save up to buy something special. Whether it’s a new perfume, lipstick, bag or camera, put aside enough beforehand for a significant purchase that’s going to make you scream “I LOVE DUTY FREE.” You’ll be so caught up admiring and trying on your new purchase, the time will fly.

2. Don’t eat too much on the plane. C’mon, it’s not that hard because the food isn’t exactly gourmet. Instead, stock up on those hunger pangs so that you can find a MUCH better meal at the airport — burgers, pizza, Italian, sandwiches…chances are, they’ll have some of everything! Go on a gourmet tour and even treat yourself to dessert.

3. Head over to the bar. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a tipple or two to get you super relaxed and comfy. Left behind a long week at work? Feeling nostalgic about saying goodbye to your girls? A glass of red (or whisky) will cure you right up. Transit = “me” time, so there’s no harm in a little indulgence, as long as you don’t lose track of your next flight…or your passport.

4. Work it out. Feeling a little overstuffed by holiday goodness? What a perfect moment to walk it off. Set yourself on a tour of the terminal to stretch out all your muscles. Stop for a coffee or to pick up a knick knack along the way (travel pillows are a definite recommendation) for a quick distraction, and then keep it moving!

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