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Planning A Romantic Getaway? Jet Off To Capri!

Grab your boo and escape to this Island of Dreams

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A holiday with your SO is just a blissful, boink-tastic break in most ways, but it can also do so many other wonderful things for your relationship—like teaching each other how to compromise or discovering a fun hobby you have in common. That being said, picking the right destination to wow your beau can be tricky, but it’s key to enhanced participation on both sides!

If you really want bae to know how much he means to you, if you are trying to coax a proposal out of him (we joke, you know he wants to!) or even if you really just want to pamper yourselves with the recent bonuses you’ve both received—Capri, the charming little island off the coast of Naples, is the place to do it!


Be sure to pack your sexy swimsuit(s) for him to (flatteringly) ogle you, your camera for all those “super cute” FB profile pictures, and a killer cruise/ resort outfit line-up. You don’t want to be bumming it down in Capri!


1. If you’re a couple of foodies, be prepared for every meal to be “the best you’ve ever had.” There’s no room for counting calories in Italy, so eat your hearts out. Take a walk by Marina Grande (the main port on Capri) and have your pick of authentic family owned Italian trattorias that completely slay the local favorite dish: Chilli lobster fettuccine.

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2. Grab your man and take him for a night of taverna hopping at the Piazzetta. Have one too many shots of limoncello and dance off that pasta at Anema e Core, the island’s most chic bar/club. End your night OD’ing on gelato — perfetto!

3. For an idyllic atmosphere by the faraglioni rocks, look no further than La Fontelina! Take a boat from the Marina to Capri’s most exclusive beach club—it’s the perfect place to “sea” and be seen. Soak up the summer sun (rosé in hand), take a dip in the azure sea or just laze the day away by the rocks. 

faraglioni4. Take a ride up to Anacapri in the candy coloured (modified) convertible taxis that are icons of this beloved sunny locale. Fall in love with the island (and each other) at every turn, and take some stunner photos at all the main viewpoints so everyone else can see how sickeningly beaut your vacay is! #relationshipgoals

5. It may be a cutesy, couple-y trip and all, but a girl’s gotta shop! So, drag him along (possibly kicking and screaming) as you get lost in the alleys of the market in Anacapri. (A little advice from one Cosmo gal to another: Look out for the authentic Italian leather stalls with bags and sandals to die for!)

6. If you and bae are action junkies, hike up Monte Solaro to get to the highest point of the island. If you appreciate a breathtaking view, but hiking is not really your thing, take the chairlift for just 10.

7. But the best way to view Capri is from afar — so hire a boat and circle the entire island. Make sure to stop by the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), as it’s something that should be ticked off your bucket list!

8. If you’re mad about the Mediterranean (like we are), anchor out by the Green Grotto and snorkel amid teeming fish and coral, thriving just underneath the sparkling surface.

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9. Sail under the Tunnel of Love. Local traditions apply here, so plant a super sloppy one on him when floating through. 

Holidays anywhere are great, especially with your other half! But Capri’s special atmosphere will have your heartstrings strumming, and you’ll experience a culture that revels in life’s good things. So enjoy yourself, you crazy kids, and fall (even more) in love under the Capri sun.

This article was originally published as ‘Get Outta Town: Baecation’ in the July 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. To read the whole article, subscribe now and get a free July issue.

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