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Shay Mitchell, Our September Cover Babe, Dishes On How To Be The Perfect BFF

And shares the video with hers!

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There’s never any harm in getting some advice from the best of the best when it comes to friendship. Shay Mitchell and her BFF, Michaela Blaney, know a thing or two. Friends from school, the two now run their lifestyle blog Amore & Vita, and have co-authored their first novel, Bliss. Here, they give Cosmo the dish on their biffles romance!

Top Three Takeaways:

Identify the other’s pet peeves. No matter how alike the two of you are, you’re actually not the same person, and your BFF is going to hate some of the things you do, like leaving the bathroom door open. “You can do it up to a certain amount,” says Shay. “But then know when they’re really gonna blow and stop!” You’ll be relieved you prevented all out warfare, and she’ll love you more for it!

Appreciate and acknowledge each other. Do sweet things that are bound to make the other happy. It could be picking up afternoon eclairs or taking her pet to the vet. In Shay’s case: “Breakfast burritos!” YUM.

Know when to give each other space. Don’t sleep over every night of the week, or go for all your classes together. Mix it up! You’ll miss each other more and appreciate each other when you do meet. Your #friendgoals will be so much healthier for it!

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