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3 Ways Baby Wipes Will Change Your Life!

And no, not when you run to the loo.

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The next time you go grocery shopping, add baby wipes to your list. Not like you’re gonna add a cherub to the fam anytime soon (or maybe you are, in which case, “Congrats! Start stocking up on those pampers, too!”), but because they are actual lifesavers in disguise.

Here’s three ways you can use them IRL, no babies involved:


As substitute make-up wipes. Too tired to use a proper facial wash after a night out? Feel like your actual make-up cleansing wipes leave your face uncomfortably oily? Try substituting them for baby wipes instead. Much gentler, the wipes tease away hard-to-remove eye-liner streaks and lip liners. As an added bonus: it’ll leave you feeling fresh instead of greasy. Yes.


To remove deodorant stains. There’s nothing worse than tugging on a dark-coloured blouse than to see white smears and streaks of deodorant on the side. It’s enough to make a girl throw a baby tantrum at the unfairness of it all. WE HATE THE WORLD.

Relax. Take out one of these handy wipes and gently rub/wipe away, even on delicate materials like silk. It won’t stain, and won’t leave a massive wet patch — the slight remnant dampness will disappear pronto.


To freshen up sock/underwear drawers. Um, ya! If you’re sick of dodgy-smelling moth balls and potpourri, and just need something fresh, use baby wipes as layers between pieces. Switch them up every 5 days or so to keep the scent going, or add a teensie bit of your favourite essential oil — like lavender or lime — to make them last longer. Be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll be reeking of the scent, regardless of what outfit you wear on top.

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