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All The Kissing Tips You Need For The Next Time You Lock Lips

It’s in the rhythm divine.

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Smooching is no easy feat, especially when it’s the first time with your new guy crush. Does he like tongue? Is he sloppy? Will you guys get into it with such fervour, you bang teeth (awkward and also potentially painful)?

Kisses should be hot, sweet, and relatively painless to be awesome! So the next time you lean in for your perfect snog (throwback!), try these sizzlers that are sure to make you skyrocket:

Start slow. Since it’s your first kiss with each other, you have no idea if boo likes long and easy, or if he prefers animal activity in your mouth. Starting slow means you have enough time to work up that frenzy gradually and together, which is so much hotter than either of you pressing yourselves on each other — AKA hot in theory, not so much IRL because…friction.

Don’t be afraid to indicate what you like. Do his hands on your lower back take you through the roof? Prefer all tongue action? Gently lead him into it and see how he reacts. For unfailing proof that he’s still into you, pause for a moment and assess his body language. We guarantee that the sight of his torso leaning into yours will be all the affirmation you need.

RELAX. You’re going to win some and lose some in early kisses: you’re both discovering each other and figuring out how best to sync your smooch styles. There’s no harm in enjoying yourself while you’re at it. The minute he sees how much fun you’re having, he’ll relax into it too. Take a break between smooches, laugh when things get awkward or you bump noses. It’s a kiss, not a test. You can’t pass or fail this one — it’s all about the exploration of the hottie in front of you.

Think about your favourite onscreen kiss. Elena and Damon? Chuck and Blair? Keeping your #smoochgoals in mind can actually boost your self-confidence by removing you slightly from the situation. As long as you don’t think the guy in front of you is, literally, a steamy vampire, feel free to channel Elena’s hand and body movements all you like. You’ll feel hot AF without being remotely self-conscious.

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