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Sophia Amoruso, Rebecca Minkoff & 4 Other Boss Women Share Their Best Career Advice

"If you're the person who stops and says, 'I made it,' the whole world is going to blow by you by the time you've finished saying that."

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A career can become so much more than just a job title. It can define you, fulfil you, or even consume your life. Bottom line: Careers are incredibly difficult to navigate, which is why it’s so important to listen to the boss ladies around you who have been there before and understand the struggle.

Read on for nine inspiring pieces of advice from fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff; country music icon Dolly Parton; singer/songwriter Rachel Platten; owner and founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso; CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe; and host and executive producer of, Chelsea Briggs:

1. Remember to go after what you want. Briggs knows that it sounds cheesy, but the world really is your ~oyster~. “You can do whatever you want,” she says. “You just need to do it and really put the steps forward to do what you want to do.”

2. You can go from intern to full-time employee. “I think the No. 1 thing is making yourself valuable,” Briggs says. “I wanted to make myself so valuable to this company they kind of couldn’t let me go.” And for Briggs, it totally worked — she turned her unpaid internship into a legit job.

3. When it comes to your career, there’s no final destination. “There’s no ‘I’ve made it,'” Amoruso says. “It’s one thing to say, ‘I did something great. I’m really proud of myself. I made my parents proud. I took my friends to dinner. I can afford oysters.’ That’s great, but beyond that, there is no destination. If you’re the person who stops and says, ‘I made it,’ the whole world is going to blow by you by the time you’ve finished saying that. I think it’s great to stop and celebrate your wins, but just stay humble.”

4. You will definitely get bad advice. Even the most successful people are capable of giving you bad advice. But at the end of the day, you have to listen to your gut. “You’ve never been alive in this time doing what you’re doing, and you have to remember that,” Amoruso says. “That’s a tough thing to remember when you’re young and naive, and trying to figure things out. I would just say, expect a lot of bad advice and listen to some, but expect to unlearn a lot of it.”

5. Success can be defined in so many ways. For Dolly Parton, success really means being happy with what you’ve done. “That’s what true success is,” she says. “Feeling like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to and feel good about it, and still enjoying it.”

6. Everyone feels like an impostor sometimes. It’s easy to look at uber-successful women and feel like they’re on a totally different level. But Wolfe says even she still gets scared sometimes. “At the end of the day, we’re all humans,” she says. “I think that’s pretty much the biggest learning lesson that I’ve come to realize…It’s funny to see these stories evolve around me, but when I break it down, I’m still just that girl that’s still scared and trying to figure out what to do tomorrow.”

7. Tech can connect you to the world in an unprecedented way. Minkoff touts the benefits of technology, adding that “today, for other people looking to take their next career steps, it’s never been easier, I think, to start a company, or launch e-commerce, or become a blogger or a stylist because social media has kind of broken down the barriers to be able to do that.”

8. Do not compare yourself to others. Minkoff says she had to keep innovating and making her own path because comparing herself to other people just wasn’t helpful. “I think you can look to people to get educated and see what they did that’s right or wrong,” she says. “But comparing yourself, it’s like, if you compare yourself to a model, you’ll just be upset all day.”

9. You’re still responsible for your own happiness. “It took me 10 years of being lost to figure out you can’t just wake up and throw yourself into a day and assume things are going to go well,” Platten says. So what does she do to make sure she’s staying happy? “I meditate. I do yoga. I write in a journal. I say affirmations. I write music. I do all these things to set myself up to ensure I’m on the right path.”


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