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ICYMI: Shimmery Lipstick Is Back On Trend (Okay, That’s An Understatement)

It’s basically dominating the world.

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As the most avid Instagrammers among you will know, pictures of A-listers like Jenna Dewan with perfectly luscious, glittering lips have been dominating your feeds. And while it might look like a simple trend that harkens back to your years of LipSmacker indulgence…


…it’s actually a genius move in the making. Often called the Pablo (as in “Life Of”) of the make-up world, Pat McGrath Labs launched Lust 004 — sets of lipstick, gloss, and metallic pigment/glitter that work in layers to create shimmery pouts that preettttty much transform you into a sexy, new-world Avatar.

Pat McGrath
Pat McGrath

Named after the heavyweight make-up personality who basically owns the backstage of all Fashion Week(s), Pat McGrath, the company designed three vampy, Bordeaux-y shades under Lust 004 — Version Flesh, Version Vermillion Venom (this has to be our favourite name of all time), and Version Bloodwine (cue flashbacks of Vampire Diaries) — all of which make you feel like Bella Hadid striding on — and out of — the Versace Paris runway.


Are these pouts making you drool? Here’s more:

Chrissy Teigen

 Shay Mitchell

Bella Hadid (yas, again)

It’s no wonder that Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits can’t keep up (I know, right?!).

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