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The Skirt-Length Hack That Keeps You Safe At Work

No bum-sicles showing here

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Having your work skirt be just the right length is tricky: it has to be long enough so it’s job appropriate, but short and tailored so that it shows off your gams and on point physique. So how do you know what length works best? We’ve got a little hack to help you.

Stand tall with arms by your sides, like someone’s measuring your height. Basically don’t stoop — it’ll affect the method!

Gauge where your index finger hits your thigh. This is, typically, mini skirt length i.e. short and sexy, and better for a night out than a day of high profile meetings. We’re going to call this the Mini Zone.

From the Mini Zone till the top of your knee is generally the Hit Zone if you’re petite with shorter, curvier legs. The skirt will fall right at the level that makes your legs look longer without being outrageously thigh-high. It’s also short enough to work (AKA werk) with flats, which scores overtly high in our books. Pair with choker and delicate accessories to channel major Diane Kruger cool vibes.

Diane Kruger in leather skirt
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From the Mini Zone till juuuuust below your knee is sort of the universally acknowledged Safe Zone. Ladies with supermodel stature and legs for days can rock this length with a pair of flats, but those of us not so vertically blessed should try a kitten heel for some added length (and defined calves), like the ever-stylish Kim K.

Kim Kardashian in red high-waisted skirt
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Tip: It’s always best to avoid your skirt falling any lower than this — mid-calf is a nightmare. There’s the danger of making short legs pretty much non-existent, and no heels in the world can fix that.

Our skirt mantra? Always keep it safe but cute!

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