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Shockingly Easy Ways To Reinvent The Classic White Button-Down

Who said basic was a bad thing?

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There are few closet staples that we rely on more than the classic white button-down shirt. Regardless of your age or occupation, chances are there’s one lying around in your closet. Whether you pair it with bold jewellery or high-waisted jeans, there’s a way to take your trusty shirt from a boring day job to more chic aspirations in the blink of an eye.

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney wearing white button-down
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There is little that doesn’t go well with jeans. Opt for a timeless look by styling the shirt with your favourite pair. Both items are two of your closet’s big guns and together, allow you to stay stylish and comfortable all day long. Top off the look with a set of head-turning heels and a slick of punchy red lipstick for an evening out.

Daniela Zuccotti

Daniela Zuccotti in white button-down
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Think maximum glamour with this ensemble. Make the look work by pairing a button-down with one of this season’s retro-chic skirts. Throw in a bright clutch and you’re good to go.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in white button-down

Tuck a crisp white shirt into a pair of wide-legged culottes to pull of effortless chic, like Posh Spice. Accessorise with a compact evening bag and a statement necklace, and you’ve got yourself a great alternative to the classic cocktail dress.

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed in white button down

Channel Nikki Reed and bare a little skin with a rolled-up button-down and tailored shorts. This outfit is perfect for a super-hot day and it’s one you can easily recreate on a budget. Put on a pair of colourful pumps and BAM, you’re ready for a night out.


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