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Life Truths You Learn From Playing Monopoly

You deserve some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Sing it!

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  • The dice (of life) is an unpredictable b%$*h. One minute you’re rolling in notes with three properties on Park Lane, and the next you’re being packed off to jail. You feel me?

  • Every time you leave it up to Chance, things go down the drain. And you were doing SO WELL up until this point.

  • You laugh at your meagre salary every time you pass Go — your properties are doing so much better, suckers — until you have to forego it onceWho the player that took your money?!

  • The Electric Company and Water Works will bleed you dry every single time. Those bad boys are RUTHLESS. Like, how much of your salary do they expect you to spend?

  • You’ll never ever ever ever ever never ever land on Free Parking when you need to, and for the next little while, it actually feels like karma’s biting you in the a$$.

  • You always aim for the sexy properties — Mayfair, we’re looking atchu — and not the down-and-dirty movers and shakers…until the next time the fares at King’s Cross leave you with slim pickings, and you, unfailingly, rue the day. Dreams of being a High Net Worth Individual have gone belly up….for the millionth time.

  • The game is definitely leftward leaning. Income Tax AND Super Tax. No wonder the Bank never runs out of money. *TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!*

  • Classism is rampant. Every time someone says “Marylebone Station” wrong, you pounce. WHAT a Monopoly rookie! I mean why should I have to pay someone who can’t even pronounce the name of his own property?

  • When you’re down and out, the whole thing is just one big sham…it’s not even worth playing. There’s no joy, ever. You’re smart but you’re still losing, and the guy raking it in next to you thinks Pall Mall is a shopping complex. Is there no end to this torture…

  • Stuff gets personal, suuuuuuper quickly. Your dad is offering to sell you something?! Um hello. You’re his only daughter and that sh!t should be given for free.

  • If your brother wins, it’s an unrecoverable blow.
that's just like the rules of feminism
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