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Skimmed Milk Mayyyy Not Be The Best Thing For You

The science is being called into question...

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We’ll admit it: we’ve gotten so used to asking for skimmed milk at the counters of various coffee shops, it’s almost like second nature.

“Vanilla latte with skim, please.”

“Flat white with non-fat milk, thanks.”

“Cappuccino with extra light milk!”

Since we’re not on any particular diet, we think, it’s probably a good thing we’re not taking full-fat milk. We might as well cut down when possible, right? Perhaps. But maybe not, as new science shows.

The theory behind the mainstream call that we should lay off full-fat milk has come into question. Because whole milk contains more calories than skimmed milk (when it’s stripped of all its cream), experts theoretically assumed that by switching totally to skimmed milk and reducing the amount of calories taken in, consumers would be at a lower risk for diabetes.

Unfortunately, what they failed to understand was that consumers simply substituted these calories for others. Why, you ask?

Well, think about when you have a whole-milk latte vs a skim one. With the former, you’re almost guaranteed to feel warm and full (thanks, milk fats!) but with the latter, you’re likely to bulldoze through the light mixture and — since you still have a nagging hole — you’ll probably add a cookie or a croissant to the mix to help fill you up. Adding in these food items means that you’re consuming more carbohydrates and sugar (ergo more body fat) than if you’d just had the whole milk in the first place.

“It’s crucial at this time to understand that it’s about food as a whole, and not about single nutrients,” says Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian in the journal, Circulation.

Essentially, Dr. Mozaffarian means that we should stop worrying purely about the fat component in milk and start appreciating all its other benefits. In short, milk is more than just the sum of its parts.

Does that mean that you should go on a whole milk rampage? AKA skip meals but glug down a full-fat carton? Not unless you’re actively trying to put on (tons of) weight.

What you should do is not beat yourself up for having a few pours in your daily coffee. Whole milk keeps you full and healthy, and stops you from craving other munchables. That’s a win-win in our books!

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