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Lankans Reveal Their Best Dealing-With-Tuesday Strategies

Tues doesn't need to be terrible!

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“I love ordering Indian take-out and sitting in my TV room with re-runs of old shows like Seinfeld. Comfort food and comfort TV — the perfect pick me up for the oddest day of the week!” —Anju, 28


“Tuesdays are for eating out alone. I think it’s so important to be able to take yourself out to dinner, sit by yourself, and enjoy a drink. It’s definitely vital for self-awareness! And you might even meet some really cool people.” —Nishani, 26


“I’m usually so depressed by Tuesdays, I always set up a date that I know will lead to a hook up! Some may call it problematic behaviour, but it totally works. I’m out of my funk in no time!” —Shiham, 23


“I clean out my kitchen and do my laundry! Maybe it’s BORING, but I’d much rather do it on the dullest day of the week than scramble on a Friday or on the weekend.” —Lucky, 30


“I’ve started taking piano classes. Who says you can’t start learning something new as an adult! And it’s the perfect excuse to not dilly-dally around the office.” —Tharaka, 31


“I take an extra long lunch break. It makes the day go by faster, and Hump Day arrives before you know it. Definitely the best hack for making the week fly!” —Tasneem, 25


How do you cope with your #TuesdayBlues?? Let us know in the comments section below for your hack to be featured! 

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