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4 Wedding Gifts That The Happy Couple Will Love

For the newlyweds that haven’t registered!


Since it’s nuptials season at the moment, you’re probably running through many a wedding gift dilemma as we speak. Do you buy them a punch bowl or a vase? If the soon-to-be married couple has registered, your life will be made a whole lot easier—you are guaranteed to get something they really like or need.

But if they’re not registered, it might pose some problems for you. Do you just sack it off and give them an envelope full of newly minted rupees?

While cash is often a practical (newlyweds have a ton of expenses) and easy way out, it isn’t the most personal of presents and the couple will probably see right through your laziness…especially if you’re a close friend!

Don’t fret! We’ve done the legwork for you and found some really cute gifts that will make you the fave wedding guest of the season.

1. His and Hers e-readers
If the couple loves to curl up with good reads, matching devices are the perfect option. Which book nut wouldn’t be happy with a 24/7 library at their fingertips?

2. Fancy bedding
Since a newly married couple is bound to spend a lot of time in the bedroom, shell out some bucks and gift them with a luxurious set of bed linen.

3. A weekend away
Memories undoubtedly make the best gift, so treat them to an unforgettable getaway! The summer season sees a ton of great discounts at hotels around SL regardless of whether the couple loves the hills or the hammocks!

4. An exclusive experience
Why not gift the newlyweds a fun experience they will cherish forever? Arrange bespoke activities from culinary adventures to romantic hikes to experiential travel that will, literally, sweep the couple off their feet.

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