Diane Kruger Talks About Her Recent Trip To Sri Lanka In A New Interview With Stephen Colbert - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka

Diane Kruger Talks About Her Recent Trip To Sri Lanka In A New Interview With Stephen Colbert

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We recently broke the news that our favourite Helen of Troy, Diane Kruger, vacationed in Lanka-land in the aftermath of her breakup with long-time (think: decade) beau, Joshua Jackson. The actress — dressed in a jaw-dropping black and white cutout dress by Thierry Mugler — appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new psychological thriller, Disorder. While she carefully avoided any mention of her ex (sigh), the actress did speak briefly about her sojourn on our sunny isle, the uses of her sexy French accent, and her time as a model in her teens. Move over, Kendall and Gigi. Diane Kruger hits it out of the park.


As she’s poured a glass of Miraval Rosé (AKA the vineyard owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)* “You like to drink? That is so nice!” And just like that, we found our celebrity wine partner in crime.

“I just came back from Sri Lanka…I’m so jet lagged, I NEED a drink.” Us too babe, us too…so what if we haven’t travelled?

On getting the handle of driving a tuk tuk: “That expression is me finally being able to not kill somebody…” Wanna teach the tuks on Baseline Road about that, boo?

On Brad and Angelina owning Miraval: “I mean they needed a little more money, so…” Girl’s on FIRE.

“I get pulled over…and I’m [suddenly] French!” Who DIDN’T get a tingle at that accent?!

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