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Here Are The Best Running Locales In Colombo

From people in the know!

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If you love nothing better than lacing up your sneakers and pounding the streets for your daily exercise, here are some great spots from our running pros!

The old favourite: Independence Square

While it may not be ideal for intense sprinting, the location is great for a light, early-morning jog to get your heart rate up. A couple of rounds, a few chats with the several friends you’re bound to meet, and your day’s already off to a good start.

Runner mania: Race Course

It’s the perfect location to fly across turf (as well as up and down stairs to build those thighs) while still having plenty of company and chatter around you. It’s serious exercise in a buzzing atmosphere!

Serious alone time and intensity training: Viharamahadevi

It’s easy to find yourself alone with the sound of your footfall and only the lush greenery around you at this central park, especially once the pre and post-work rushes have subsided. Lock in those headphones and switch up your routine like no-one’s watching.

Weekend jog, pre-breakfast: Marine Drive

There’s really no other place for it. Fall into an easy stride and sprint the last km or so…then hop into a kadé for an idli or thosai that’ll make all those calories you burned seem so worthwhile!


Out of town track: Bentota beach strip

Depending on what time of day you run, the beach can be yours for the taking, or you’ll be one in a sea of bodies. Regardless, careening down this wide expanse can make you feel alive and refreshed so pack a pair of trainers to make full use of your weekend away!


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