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The Deal With Dad Bods

Who even needs abs anymore?!?


The latest trend in the world of the male physique is the ‘dad bod’ — and before your mind jumps to the “daddy issues” conclusion, stay with us!

What we (and the rest of the internet) mean when we think of dad bods is the perfect mix of a slight belly from a (six pack of) beer and moderate muscle definition from hitting the gym every so often — a man who isn’t overweight but doesn’t have a sculpted core either. A dude who knows the best things in life shouldn’t pivot on protein shakes, but a good single malt.

So what exactly about the dad bod has got women hot under the collar? We asked around, just for you!

1. You see a guy with a perfect body and your mind immediately screams “F*** boy!” But a dad bod just says “I wanna meet your parents. Definitely more sustainable.” – Natalie, 26

2. He’s the kind of guy who texts you in the middle of the afternoon to see how your day is going… – Shiromi, 22

3. Dad bods have been revolutionizing cuddle-time since forever!  Sarah, 27

4. Why I love dad bods? Jon Hamm. – Keshini, 24

5. Abs are nice to look at and flaunt around if you’re a boy toy. Dad bods are great when it comes to a real partner – Sammy, 30

6. Sometimes, girls need a little something to hold onto as well!Sashini, 26

Still need some convincing? Here are some of our fave dad bods in Hollywood. Hummana hummana hummana.

Jon Hamm 

jon hamm
Just Jared

John Krasinski 


Adrian Grenier 

Pacific Coast

Pierce Brosnan

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