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4 Ways A Clear Lip Gloss Will Save Your Life

Matte’s not everything!

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We know a good, solid matte lippie is allll the rage — and trust us, we’ve tried, tested, and loved it too! — but sometimes, a clear gloss can actually save your life:

1. When you’ve run out of lip balm/can’t find it in the junkyard that’s your bag and your lips are peeling in layers. A quick swipe of clear gloss hides any flakes, keeps you from fiddling with your pout, and gives you a natural glow!

2. For post-meal touch-ups. Forget dashing to the bathroom to touch up your lipstick after a lip-smacking meal because there’s no way to matte without a mirror. Clear gloss can be swiped on quickly and easily, keeping your lip cover on point, and will not force you to skedaddle from your date (unless you want to).

3. When you snag your dress on your newly manicured square nails, and your brain goes into overdrive because you feel like you’re about to unravel in front of everyone. Take out that super power gloss (and by “super power” we mean your usual corner store variant) and dab the errant thread lavishly before sticking it back onto your dress. Believe it or not, that’s pro snag control right there.

4. When those errant baby hairs will not stay down, even when you’ve sprayed them like a hound unleashed. Like with your snag, gloss the scoundrel hairs all over and stick ‘em down. Spray over for double the hold — or to show them mama’s home.

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