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Can You Wear Tampons When You Go Swimming?

Ban those thoughts of drippy accidents — a tampon is so much hardier than that!

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Getting into the water when you’re on your period can be one of the most uncomfortable things ever, and you often think, Can I really swim at all?

The answer is a hands-down, all-resounding YES!!

Regardless of whether or not your flow stops when you are in the water, tampons prevent accidents or leaks of any kind. So how do you do it?

Insert a fresh tampon right before you jump in.

Avoid tiny, string bikini bottoms, because now’s really not the time to bare all. Opt instead for a low-rise bottom with fuller bum coverage. It still looks hot but isn’t likely to cause any unwanted slips.

Make sure the string of your tampon is securely tucked into the frontal area.

Once you get in, it’s normal for the tampon to soak up some of the water. While this does reduce the absorbency, all it means is that you should change your tampon right as you get out of the water. Or if you’re having a super-heavy flow, take a loo break and change it up in-between.

Anyhoo, regardless of the situation, a tampon that’s absorbed some water isn’t going to make you leak. 

With your Virginia tampon-controlled and protected, all you gotta do is relax and have a blast.

A few quick ones:

Never wear a pad in the pool — it acts like a wet pack of cotton wool aka eww.

Same goes for pantyliners. The glue isn’t THAAAT strong and you don’t want to find it floating down river.

Changing your tampon as you get out of the water (or in-between swim sessions) isn’t all to do with menstrual absorbency. Bacteria from pool and sea water can also get absorbed and decide to hang out. So, regardless of your flow, it’s most hygienic to replace your tampon at regular intervals.

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