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Why Highlighters Are The New All-Stars In Our Beauty Bags

We’re not talking about the pens…!

Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty

It’s a beauty revolution! Forget foundations, mascaras, or even under-eye liner (it’s true!), the latest it item in everyone’s beauty bags is the highlighter.

If you’re saying, “But that’s so peripheral! It’s just a bit of glitter,” not so fast! This all-star product can:

#Take your look from “demure daytime” to “edgy evening.” Focus on your cheekbones and T-zone to boost the most flattering areas of your face. The powder makes your features look sharper and more defined.

#Amp up tired skin. If you forgot your reviving cream at home and your face is looking a little tired after a long day at the office, highlighter is your lifesaver. Skip splashing your face with H20 and instead, dab a tiny bit of highlighter on areas you feel look strained or worn to give your skin a naturally dewy glow. (P.S. Don’t go overboard or you might inadvertently look like a part of the Cullen clan.)

Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment

#Make your eyes look bigger. Add a dab to the inner corner of your eye and the centre of your eyelid to make the windows to your soul totally irresistible. It’ll have him crooning, can’t take my eyes off of youuuu.

#Plump up your lips. Dab a smudge onto the area above your top lip — known as your Cupid’s bow — and apply your lip colour as normal. Now pout away for maximum effect.




Pick up a highlighter pencil, like Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Pro Pencil for focused, intense coverage, like on your brow or cheekbones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Use a highlighter powder like, Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder For Face And Body for all-over, even coverage.

Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Or throw a highlighter stick into your tote for easy use when you’re on the move!

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