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Vampire Diaries Is Ending And We’re Shattered

Can we flick off our humanity switch for this one?


Our favourite vampires on the block are saying their goodbyes and we couldn’t be more sad.

Vampire Diaries has been a show we’ve all watched since our high school days. Let’s face facts — it was pretty much the new-age Buffy with much more steam.

Who doesn’t remember rushing back home after a long day at school to catch the latest gory episode starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley with their otherworldly beauty and bods?!

In the midst of all the action and bloodshed, what we loved most were the romances that were the cruxes of the show. Elena and Stefan, Elena and Damon—who could keep track?!? We just wanted it to go on forever.

But as a silver lining to this devastating news, The CW has confirmed that a whole host of characters, INCLUDING Nina Dobrev(!!!), will be returning to Mystic Falls before the big finale and producer Julie Plec told fans that the last season would be “an epic ride.”

So to prep for what will undoubtedly be a tear-filled end, and as an homage to our favourite vamp couple (move over Edward and Bella!), here’s a video montage of our fave VD moments.

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