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I Watched Me Before You And Couldn’t Believe My Reaction

Oh, this massive pile of tissues on the floor? I had nothing to do with it!

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I must admit that, going off the trailer, I hadn’t quite bought into the Me Before You craze everyone else seemed to be on. What put me off the most is that I felt like Emilia Clarke’s performance felt somewhat forced and overdone.

So on a slow, mid-week holiday (like today), I decided to stream the movie online and take a look at what the fuss was all about. I must admit it was quite the emotional journey, one made all the more real sans glass of wine. 

The story is set around a quirky young woman, Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke), who starts a new job as a caregiver for a handsome and wealthy ex-banker, Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who suffered a terrible accident that left him paralyzed. Over time, Louisa’s bubbly personality uplifts Will’s cynical demeanour, strengthening their bond and deepening their relationship.

But, in true tearjerker film fashion, Will’s sorrow at how much his life has changed leads him to pick a clinic in Switzerland that allows him to end his own life in a dignified way, on his own terms.

The movie ends with a saddened but understanding Louisa sitting in his favourite café in Paris and reading through a letter (and the hefty bank balance) he left back for her—all in the hopes that she would finally truly live her life! Brava!

My cry scale had ranged from a glistening tear on my cheek to silent sobs and then onto full on wails in between scenes.

Looking at all the tissues that surrounded me, I realized that I loved the movie more than because it was a kick-ass rom com. I loved it because it reminded me of deeper facts we often forget or ignore:

-People can come into your life in the most unexpected of ways and change it forever.

– Dignity in life is essential. You have to be proud of how you’re living and what you want to do with your future.

– You can’t shy away from taking risks in life, and you shouldn’t always play it safe!

– If you’re going to wear a red dress, wear it with confidence. And no scarves in sight!

P.S. FLORA HAS OFFICIALLY RUN OUT OF STOCK. Now, excuse me while I indulge in just a couple more sniffles.

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