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Quick Tips You Need To Know If You’re Running To A Wedding From Work

You're not the bride, but there's tons to do!

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Fridays = the best days for wedding functions. It’s the end of the week and everyone’s in the mood to let loose. There’s (most likely) gonna be an open bar, so your tipples are sorted (and your bank account is saved); and you’re partying with meaning, celebrating the love and new life that your friends are about to begin.

The only hitch? The function starts at 7 30PM and you only really get out of the office at 5PM. That leaves just 2.5 hours for you to get in tip top shape…because the only thing worse than NOT going for a wedding, is going for a wedding inappropriately put together. 

Follow these hacks and you’ll be strolling into that ballroom like the ultimate belle.

@ Get your waxing and nails done beforehand: While it’s tempting to believe that you can squeeze in a 20 minute arm wax and a half hour mani/pedi right after work…it’s not possible. There’s the traffic to contend with and scheduling these appointments so last minute means that your arms can look pimply and flushed (waxing reacts in funny ways), and you’re bound to smudge a nail putting on your jewellery.

So schedule these appointments well in advance — even the weekend before — and you’ll have the first two ticks on your checklist!

@ Get your hair done first thing in the morning or on your lunch break: Salons get SUPER crowded toward the evening, and all delays accumulated throughout the day will most likely add up right around the time of your appointment! So though you’ve scheduled 5 45PM, your hairstylist may only get to you by 6 15PM…by which time you’re completely mad and bouncing off the walls with stress.

If you’re doing a simple blowout, try getting to the salon before you head the office. You’re most likely going to sit in an air conditioned room the rest of the day, so your hair will be safe until the function. If you’re aiming for a fancier up-do, then step out during lunch. Ask your stylist to to add in some extra pins and hairspray, and your coiffure will stay as solid as gold.

@ Decide on your attire ASAP. Try on that sari blouse or shalwar at least two weeks in advance to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t, you have plenty of time to alter. If it does, perfect. Hang it out to air, and iron it the night before. This way it’s all ready for you to step into, with no creases around.

Now, on the day, all you need to do is dash home, hop into the shower, put on your face* (and your clothes), step into your stillies and head to the ball. You’ll be that career woman that always looks put together, and hot damn it feels good.

*When applying your make-up, use only tried and tested techniques — a time crunch is not the moment to experiment or try out new products. Stick to your trusty friends, and you’ll KNOW it’s gonna work.

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