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These Hacks Will Make You Last All Night Long… your heels, you dirty thang.

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Most Friday nights begin with a girl taking out two pairs of heels and debating which to slip on. One is dangerously high and so va-voom sexy, it’s gonna make all jaws drop…including yours when you realise how much they’re KILLING you right around midnight.

The other pair is a much sturdier, tested heel that still looks sleek but is more understated than Pair A, and ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to take you through the party with no blisters and cuts to moan about the next day.

Hmmm, how do you decide? Life’s short so live dangerously and pick the risqué!  These hacks will make them (and you) last the whole evening of dirty, dirty dancin’!

Slip them off at dinner time. We know it’s not the best table etiquette to take off your shoes, but your night’s just getting started and you don’t want to use up all that calf-strength at the table. Once you’ve made your grand entrance, have yourself a seat and subtly slide off those heels.

Just make sure your toes are well pedicured and moisturised so that if anyone happens to glance down there (to retrieve a lost fork), you’ll still give off Uma Thurman in Kill Bill vibes.

Kick em off in the taxi — or on all taxi rides throughout the night. There’s no rules to be followed here and a girl should take all the breaks she can get.

Sit as much as possible. Enjoying a solo cocktail? Laze luxuriously on your bar stool. In the midst of a heated conversation? Gather them round as you command from your throne of centre couch cushion. It’s not so much about being Queen Bee (c’mon that’s so high school); it’s all about you conserving those pressure points.

If you absolutely need to stand, lean on something: a table, a pole, bae, or whoever provides the trustiest support. Your bestie may have to sit this one out if she’s also in towering pillars, cause it won’t do to have you two tottering around!

Follow the above, and when your jam starts playing or when you actually have to do something productive — like saunter to the loo in a confident manner — you won’t look like you’re in agony every half-step of the way.

Now bust a move like everyone’s watching.

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