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8 Websites That Deliver To SL

Credit cards at the ready!


One of the many struggles of being a style-conscious shopaholic in Sri Lanka is being strapped for choice. When it comes to shopping here, the resources can be limited. But we can’t complain too much because with the arrival of a few international brands, the future sure looks promising!

In the meantime, if what’s on offer does not feed your manic shopping tendencies, have a look at these online websites that faithfully deliver to our little corner of the world.

1. For everything you need—all under one roof—visit ASOS.

2. For great deals and yummy shoes, Missguided is the way to go!

3. Browse Topshop for the trendiest new looks. 

4. Princess Polly will be your go to spot for summer outfits! 

5. Victoria’s Secret for the amazing bras that will take you up a few cup sizes!

6. Cult Beauty is for the make-up lover in you! 

7. Spoil yourself at Selfridges

8. For when you want to get your hands on those strappy heels Kim Kardashian was sporting (lucky you!), scoot on over to Net-A-Porter 

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