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19 Stages Of Being On Your Period

Aunt Flow comes to town with A LOT of baggage!


1. The hunger, emotions and pimples have started to set in. Great. The period’s a-comin!

2. Blood has been sighted—Thank god I’m not pregnant! *Does victory dance*

3. Maybeee if I sit really still and hold it in, I won’t have to get up for a pad.

4. Is this a tampon kinda flow or a maxi pad kinda flow?

5. *As it gushes with a vengeance* Adult diaper it is!


7. Why are woman subjected to this kind of pain? Even the effing hot water bottle is not working!

8. YASSSSS pain killers FTW!

9. I just need a puppy. Puppies make everything better.

10. Why can’t all men be supportive like Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached? Is it soooo much to ask for a period mix and a 12-pack of cupcakes???

11. Leave me alone or I will kill you!

12. Feed me or I will kill you!

13. Love me or I will kill you!

14. I have no conditions—I just feel like killing you!

15. I just need a good cry. 

16. *When the pain FINALLY starts to wear off* I am a unicorn! I am Beyoncé! I am a bionic superwoman. If I can get through this, I can get through anything!

17. Now we wait for it to end.

18. Flow it out! Just flow it alllll out.

19. *At the very end of your mensies* Starting to feel like my old self again. I haven’t cried at that bank commercial in a while.

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